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Rump-rattling pop dementias!
Unsettling simian synthscapes!!
Terrifying tangerine nightmares!!!
Chimpin' funk freakouts!!!!

ELECTRIC SELF - ACT 2 is a veritable funksplosion of erratic earworms that have no qualms invading any available bodily orifice to make their personal dancefloor. The enigmatic Electric Self with the assistance of Melbourne avant wank stalwarts brings you 20 minutes of melancholic subtleties that abruptly make way for harsh pop-wall batterings that divert to maniacal Morricone-punchin' whip crackin' only to be hornswaggled into a false sense of security through soothing celestial synth-isms before a horrific dismemberment by a MIDI-capable chimp on a rollercoaster!

Released digitally in 2021, now proudly available on fancy pants cassette courtesy of RADICAL BLARGHST!
(C-20) White shell with zebra print label and colour J-card in plastic case for your listening displeasure.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review